Professional Makeup, Hairstyling & Magazine Style Photo Shoot Studio in Beverly Hills -Yuka Studio

Yuka Studio

Professional Makeup, Hairstyling & Magazine Style Headshot Studio.

Yuka Studio Service

[ Simple Headshot ]
$100 - 1 minimum retouched  photo

*Good for passport or ID photos.
(up to 1 hour)

[ Professional Headshot ]
$300 - 3 Professionally retouched photos 
(2-3 hours )

[Make Over Package]
$500 - 5 retouched photos with hair, makeup, and styling
(3-4 hours)

[Conceptual Photo Shoot]
$1000 & up - hair, makeup, styling & location shooting 
 (4-5+ hours)

When getting ready for a photo shoot you have so much to think about: hair, makeup, and styling. Let Yuka Style make it easy for you with our customized photo packages. We offer hair, makeup, manicure, and styling all in the same place. All the essentials for the perfect photoshoot.

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